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Sometimes adversity can create something really beautiful.

Mary V I Harrison started her musical journey as Mary HG, a singer/songwriter and composer, who travelled around Australia writing for those she sang with. Mary HG’s debut album ‘Annabird’ was released in 2008, after which Mary HG continued to share her musical abilities with those she met during her travels.

A change in the direction of Mary’s music journey came unexpectedly on a beautiful sunny Autumn day in 2016. A run-of-the-mill surgical procedure, an unfortunate complication and a permanent outcome was all that it took. Permanent vocal cord damage was a hurdle that some thought would stop Mary from continuing her musical dream. But being a glass half full kind of gal, Mary just took it all in her stride and set off with a purpose in mind and a belief that she was going where she was meant to be.

Two weeks after that surgical procedure, unable to speak, Mary attended the Australian Songwriters Conference (ASC). On the way, Mary stopped to buy a blue ‘whiteboard’ and some whiteboard markers so she would have some means to talk to and work with other people at the ASC. Whilst this means of communication was slow and a little out of the ordinary, Mary was able to actively take part in the ASC and all of it's activities. It was during the ASC that Mary realised what a gift she had really been given. The gift of listening, the gift of belief and the gift of meeting some amazing artists and music professionals with hearts of gold that went on to become precious members of Mary’s extended musical family. 

Music composition and songwriting came to the forefront. Mary started collaborating with a number of artists, helping them to authentically express their experiences in the songs they wrote together. With this change in focus came the need to change from the singer/songwriter Mary HG to the songwriter/composer Mary V I Harrison. 

Two collaborations that stemmed from musical relationships forged during the ASC in 2016 produced songs that went on to win awards:

  • 2017 UK Songwriting Contest Winner of the Adult Contemporary category for the song ‘Invisible’, a collaboration with songwriter Christine M Kerr 
  • 2018 Tamworth Songwriters Association Songwriters Salute Awards Winners of:
    • Contemporary Country Ballad of the Year category
    • Country Song of The Year category

for the song ‘Life’s About The Little Things’, a collaboration with David Carter, Merelyn Carter, Samantha Bellamy, John Collins, Robyn Hull and Shirley Lynn

  • 2018 Australian Songwriters Conference Song Contest Winner of the Adult Contemporary category for the song ‘Invisible’, a collaboration with songwriter Christine M Kerr 

Looking to the future, Mary V I Harrison has a number of varied and exciting projects in the pipelines, many of which involve working and collaborating with others in a creative, compassionate and authentic way.  

Step out of the shadows, be fearless, try new things and work with people who share your passion. When you work on something from a good place with a good heart, only good things can come of it.